Community Dossette Service

Community Dossette Service in Bradford Nottingham

Community Dossette Service

Are you looking to organise your medications? Not to worry, we provide the NHS Community Dossette Service in Bradford.

Our team at Midnight Pharmacy have years of experience working with patients and understands the day to day requirements. The Community Dossette Service can help you get on track. Our Pharmacists will sort your medicine by date and time ensuring that your medication is always organised, saving you time and keeping your dosage on track!

What is a Community Dossette Service?

The community dosage system is a service for those patients who take a large number of medications or who can’t remember to take their medications on time due to their conditions or circumstance. The pharmacy will put your medication in a weekly pack which is easy to follow, allowing better compliance and safe administration of medicines.

This service is being used by many of the elderly population to help manage complex medicine regimes. This is an important tool that enhances medicine adherence and helps patients manage their medicine effectively. As a Pharmacy team, we understand how important it is to take medicine on time and not miss any doses which is why we can help organise weekly pill trays for those who require them and deliver them to the patients on a weekly basis. This will help prevent medicine wastage and overdosage in some patients.

What does a Weekly Pack look like?

Each weekly blister pack is divided into seven days (your week) along one side. Then, across the top are the times of the day for taking your medication. Each “blister” contains one or more tablets that need to be taken on that day and at that time. So, weekly blister makes make a great at-a-glance visual aid for whether you’ve taken your tablets yet. A weekly blister pack is a great tool for organising your medication. The pharmacy will assess your eligibility for this service with you or your carer and the prescriber in some cases. Please speak to a member of staff about if you are interested in our Community Dossette Service in Bradford.

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